The Story of Abimelech: Judges chapter 9 Click here for video Excerpt from Video: Do we get the leaders we deserve? Even if we are not tempted to this level of evil, the methods and machinations of an Abimelech are not absent in the church. Do we sacrifice truth and integrity for our own ends, […]

Judges 6-8 Click here for video “Few of us will get the chance to be tempted by the status of kingship that Gideon was tempted by, but we are all in danger of being seduced by wealth and power. There are unexpected spiritual crises facing many Christians in later life, often during the so-called empty-nest years.   […]

Click here for the video Some excerpts from the talk Element one: Godly leaders take initiative “One of the things that characterised all the periods of apostasy and oppression during Judges was a leadership vacuum.  Those, like the Levites who had been called to lead, had all abdicated their responsibility, the tribes had been led into […]

Judges chapter 4 Video link here “Put bluntly, in the story, the figure of Deborah stands in the place of God. She is not only God’s servant, but God’s mouthpiece through the whole episode. She was not a traditional judge but a prophet.  She was there not to give a legal opinion but to communicate the […]

Link to Video “How about if we started surprising the world for the better?   If the unexpectedness of God’s ways was seen not only in how he graciously and providentially covers for our sin and mistakes and still achieves his purposes, but in how he actively uses obedient and changed nonentities like us- imperfect sinners, to […]

Apologies to those who were trying to access last night’s Judges Teaching There was a faulty link. This link should work

Backsliding, War & The God of the Ordinary Link to video An excerpt from the second episode available now “There can be such an emphasis within Christian circles on being ‘extraordinary’ or ‘radical’ or ‘passionate’ for God. But what about the goodness (and challenge) of living our ‘normal’ lives for God? The major episodes, the […]

God’s Faithfulness at a time of Fragility Link ro Videos An opportunity to tune into some bible teaching on the book of Judges. The sessions will go up here on Sunday evenings at 7pm UK time but remain available on the site. There is also a Bonus Video on the problem of “War and Conquest […]

An article by Michael Sean Winters in the National Catholic Reporter referred to Biden’s inauguration as ‘the most Catholic one ever’, and proceeded to castigate the US Bishops’ Conference for drawing attention to the ways in which Biden’s policies were at variance with his professed beliefs.  The message was clear: how dare those nasty bishops […]

Reflections on Faith, God & Isolation A Lockdown Devotional for the start of a New Year: Friday 22nd January 2021: #20 Easter Saturday, John and Patmos Click here for link to the video So, we come to the end of our series, having reflected on the events of the first Good Friday, we might be tempted […]

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