Been Here Before


Well, I haven’t quite been here before, in terms of the blog-  but there is something about early September that is all too familiar, and can awaken a sense of dread that perhaps life is going by Groundhog-Day-like as new term follows new term.

Even though we don’t have (biological) kids, Gwen and I have always felt the September rush as much as anyone who is trying to get four children out to their new classes.  Possibly because church life mirrors school life and rhythms in so many ways (an issue in itself for a future blog, perhaps).  However, the frenetic activity also raises a number of issues:

– to what extent do we, even subconsciously. give the impression that the spiritual life is just another curriculum; that our relationship with God kicks in again after a summer off?

– to what extent do we perpetuate the idea that spiritual maturity is  largely dependent on participation in all these very good activities that are resuming?

– what particular Spirit-infused skills are needed at this time of year as diaries fill up and planning meetings proliferate?

It is, though, an immensely exciting time of year, and one where, hopefully, I will also have the time to reflect and dialogue through this particular medium, as I make a rather belated entry into the fellowship of the blogosphere.


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  1. John Hamilton · · Reply

    Welcome to the blogosphere – and I’m privileged to learn that you are following my blog! That should prompt me to start writing again after a summer break 🙂

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