Backsliding, War & The God of the Ordinary

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An excerpt from the second episode available now

“There can be such an emphasis within Christian circles on being ‘extraordinary’ or ‘radical’ or ‘passionate’ for God. But what about the goodness (and challenge) of living our ‘normal’ lives for God?

The major episodes, the crises of the book of Judges are so fraught with problems that it is surely in the reign of these minor two-bit characters that the people were most content and where the spiral at least slowed-down.

In the Christian world it is tempting to sustain our spiritual life by lurching from one big event to the next- to see the work of the kingdom as being done on the big stage- the televised event- the convention – the big conference- the worship jamboree – the festival- the mega-church.  It is tempting to see these as the places where things are really happening- but what if that’s not God’s perspective.

I am more and more convinced that the real work of the kingdom is done in the unspectacular.    It’s maybe done in a small prayer meeting, in a one-to-one conversation with a student over coffee, in the consistent friendship of a believer towards someone in need- in quiet acts of love; in gifts of administration practiced so that people are freed to exercise their gifts in a variety of ways.  Behind-the-scenes heroes.          

Let’s never fall into the trap of thinking like the world does.  There is no record that the likes of Tola or Elon were great military leaders- but boy did they get the job done- they kept their people together when  in the years before and after things were falling apart”


  1. Hi Monty,

    I can’t connect to your talk last night. This is what I get on both my tablet and my laptop:


    I’m presuming nobody else had a problem but maybe you can suggest something to solve my problem?




  2. SO sorry I will look into this later I have no idea why it is not working

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